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Join the C-Suite Network Energy Security Council! We are a proud community of engaged citizens, companies, utility organizations, and elected officials with a mission to secure the nation’s power grid. We must take action now to ensure we have a bright future tomorrow. Join the movement and help initiate effective change to secure our vulnerable grid from outside threats.


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Make the American people aware of the threats.


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Offer solutions at all the local, state, and federal levels.


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Get elected officials and the utility industry to take action to protect the US Power Grid.

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The Players

The US Power Grid

Dennis Quaid hosts an alarming look into the potential of life without power. A dynamic legion of energy, economic, national security, and infrastructure experts fearlessly expose our most critical global threat: the vulnerability of our nation’s power grids. Together they inform the public of imminent threats and the infinite horrors in store from prolonged power loss. Buckle down and power up with this series of shocking scenarios.

Utility Companies

The U.S. power grid is aging and already struggling to meet current demand. It faces a future with more people — people who drive more electric cars and heat homes with more electric furnaces. Our electric utility companies have not implemented sufficient precautions to protect our grid and are well aware of the dangers. Numerous readily available grid safety solutions exist. These viable innovations must be rapidly instituted to protect our grid against known threats and hazards. As the demand for grid protection expands, brilliant minds will undoubtedly develop even more innovative ideas to secure our grid and protect our power. Promising fortification concepts have been developed by wise executives and utility engineers who understand that strict guidelines and protection measures may (hopefully) become required by law. Consistent citizen pressure must continue to pass legislation requiring utility companies to implement existing protective protocols while encouraging them to forge further state-of-the-art safeguards. Our goal at ‘GDPU’ is to ensure the grid never goes down! We’ve taken the time to list examples of immediate/interim solutions and sensible steps to secure our existing grids while we push for developing reliable, resilient microgrids.

State and Federal Officials

Our state and federal officials understand the dangers of grid failure but haven’t successfully passed legislation to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, the current cybersecurity standards designed by “the industry” and “approved” by the federal government are dangerously insufficient. Their security standards lean towards negligence and apply only to the “bulk power system.” The current cybersecurity standards clearly state: companies are NOT required to seek detection, mitigation, or even removal of malware (like the virus Russia employed to terminate electricity in Ukraine and then implanted in our systems). Even more shocking: these standards do not protect against catastrophic cyber-physical threats such as “Aurora” and don’t apply to imperative systems that allow grid operators to control the flow of electricity. Federal regulators have long been warned about these severe deficiencies. We must continue to push and encourage the federal government, state legislators, and public service commissioners to mandate upgraded cybersecurity standards to protect our power grid.

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We the People

We the People

We, the people of this great nation, must wake up and take action. We find ourselves at a precarious crossroad with the responsibility to make immediate and rapid decisions that will affect the future of our nation; and our children. Should a cataclysmic event occur, those lucky enough to survive will witness the dawn of a new dark age. Let us join together and take action to prevent our children and grandchildren from being born into a world of darkness. The C-Suite Network Energy Security Council has been created as part of a grassroots effort to secure the U.S. grid and put the power back in the hands of the people. Many solutions exist NOW to protect the grid against known threats and hazards, and new innovative solutions will be developed as the demand for grid protection grows. Join The C-Suite Network, and become a conduit for change.

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