Solutions for a Safer Tomorrow

Power Grid Solutions

Solutions We Can Achieve Together

All hope is not lost because we have solutions. In fact, many of the problems can be solved and we can be protected from the threats that face us. We, the American people, just need to become aware, stand up, and take action because this is a bipartisan issue that everyone can get behind to protect our children’s future.

Here are some solutions we can achieve together:

Leverage Military Standards

The US Department of Defense already has military standards in place for their nuclear on how to protect against EMP. We just need to leverage these standards across the private and public sectors.

Implement Protection Systems

As an example, CenterPoint Energy teamed up with Siemens to come up with mitigation measures against EMP and created a substation protection system that is available for purchase today.

Strengthen Inventory

Protect the biggest transformers and substations with the proper upgraded software, physical security, and spare transformers.

Secure Technology

Push on Federal and State government legislation to mandate upgrades for power grid software.

Establish Microgrids

Design and construct local Microgrids across the country that provide more independence.

Regulatory Overhaul

  • Establish a grid security leader to implement military-grade protections
  • Require increased electrical generation capacity with a non-interruptable onsite fuel supply
  • Expedite funding to grid security initiatives
  • Give authority back to FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)