Grid Down Power Up Releases Mobile App

Paul Revere Films has officially released the IOS app.

See the documentary sounding the alarm about the possibility of an attack on our nation so great that many leaders already acknowledge being our greatest existential threat. Watch this documentary for free; stream on your iPhone or cast it to your TV!

‘Grid Down’ illuminates the vulnerabilities facing our power grid. It provides you with specific and simple ways to get involved, helping to ensure that we never have to deal with the consequence of inaction. Considering last year’s power outage in Texas and how dire things quickly became, you get the sense of how horrible reality can become if there’s no electricity–even if it’s for as little as three weeks. We are woefully unprepared, but we’re here to change that.

History is written about those who possess the situational awareness to adequately take stock of their environment and those who have the fortitude to protect their land and their loved ones. The challenge before us is indeed a tall order, but we are taller! We’ve got this, America! Step One is for you to familiarize yourself with the problem. This documentary serves as the canary in the coal mine. Download now and watch for free. Then, join the movement and have your voice be heard!

Download the App

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